Oct 16

Recommendations and Ideas for Change

I have thought about some possible ways in which we can help our youth overcome the issues of childhood obesity and poor media influences. Firstly children should be better educated and in more effective ways which will also aid their parents in the battle against these pandemics.

Laws can also be implemented which can monitor and control the influence the media has over what is being advertised and the message that are really being portrayed and conveyed to children and adolescents as well as a more efficient way of enforcing these new laws.

Parents can also implement restrictions on the amount of time their children spend on the computer and playing video games. This would also fall under the umbrella of more effective education in schools and better communication between the school and the parents.

The education system can also allocate dedicated areas in the syllabus which should be implemented to build a strong and positive sense of self concept at a young and easily influential age

Parental education should also include alternative methods in time management of their children’s lives as well as their own and provide examples in how to integrate physical activity and healthy meals into the family schedule.

Prices on poor nutritional foods and anti physical activity products such as video games can be increased. Just as there are increased taxes on smoking and alcohol, these factors will put the youth of today in worse shape than any other influences from a young age, making it more difficult to break than adult habits.

Finally, we can encourage fast food companies to offer healthier options and possibly to discriminate against providing unhealthy alternatives to visibly overweight or obese children in order to prevent them from worsening.

Oct 16

Critical Reflection 2 - Poor Influences of the Media on Children

Children are easily influenced daily through media such as television, radio, magazines and social media, which are advertising and promoting poor habits in both nutrition and physical activity by the amount of attention placed on fast food outlets, physically inactive activities and the lack of promotion of good health behaviors and activities. The children of today are being shown that unhealthy behaviors are a positive way of living their lives and the behaviors are glorified and beautified in the media as they are advertised as being good for them and something they should strive towards. Furthermore, poor body images are constantly being portrayed as well as the ideal image of celebrities which children idolize and wish to be, which leads to further adolescent health issues such as eating disorders, mental health issues, increased bullying and poor self views which are detrimental to development and lead to further issues in later life.

Oct 16

Critical Reflection 1 - Childhood Obesity

Children eating fast food has increased dramatically due to the busy lives and crammed schedules of both the child and their parents, this has also lead to the decrease in physical activity and play has now become overrun by technology

Another reason for children growing wider faster than they do taller is due to parents not saying no to their children and always letting their children have their way whenever they ask for something. This may be due to rules and regulations which prevent parents from disciplining their children although it might not always be a bad thing for a parent to say no. A child needs to know right from wrong and unfortunately they are not being informed of this when it comes to food because parents themselves are not teaching them the difference between a good that is good for them and one they shouldn’t eat. If parents can teach their children that eating poison is bad for them, why can’t they teach their children that fast food is bad for them rather than providing it to them in place of a healthy, home-cooked meal.
Children need to be given the choices to make the right decision and using typical excuses of convenience is not good enough to break the poor eating patterns before they become more severe issues such as diabetes or arterial blockages.

Oct 16

Challenges and Opportunities - introduction and personal profile

I have chosen to create this blog as a way of conveying my personal thoughts and views on the ever-growing issues surrounding the health and well being of young people.

I have chosen to broadcast my message through the use of social media as it is a great way to reach a broader spectrum of society, especially young people who are so deeply intwined in its realm. I have chosen to use ‘tumblr’ to create a blog devoted to informing young people about health & well-being as it allows people of all ages to see my belief and share it amongst the community as well as providing a way for youths to express their own thoughts & feelings.

This blog is an original work which will not be modified after the date of Thursday the 17th of October 2013

My name is Gianluca Nigro and I am 21 years old. I am an exercise and sports science student at the Australian Catholic University, Strathfield.
Throughout my early adult life I have placed a great emphasis on coaching young children in an effort to afford them the opportunities they deserve in a sport and physical activity sense. I have focused much of my attention in the development of junior football as well as coaching young children in preschool sporting activities.

As a footballer/soccer player myself, I have always held this passion near to my heart and the sport is one of my main focusses in life. I have previously travelled overseas to further my own playing career and as a result, I have further developed my own knowledge and improved my ability to coach and teach children, thus teaching them the proper skills & techniques needed to develop and improve their own game and personal life skills. I see myself as a role model to these children through teaching them what I have practiced my entire life as I began playing at the age of 4.
My life ambition and dream is to set up a “soccer school” where children will be afforded the opportunity to learn in a school environment as well as having the same opportunities as European children do in order to further develop the game in Australia and begin to bridge the gap between our country and the rest of the world.

I also value health & fitness and it is a big part of my everyday life. I believe that being healthy is not just about eating the right food and having a fitness routine, but being totally happy with your own self on a physical level by eating right and exercising regularly in an activity you enjoy, on a mental and social level by having a strong support network and good communication skills and also in a spiritual sense.

I firmly believe that in order for a child to be healthy they must first be taught to be a good person and they should have good views, habits and morals instilled in them to aid them in making wise and informed decisions in their adolescent and adult lives

I am a passionate and firm believer in equality for all and I feel it is an injustice and a disservice to those young people who are not afforded the healthy options due to a number of factors such as the influences of the media, sub-par parenting in some cases and the constant pressures of time and busyness imposed on society on a daily basis.